Today, data centers play a key role in coordinating and centralizing resources and computational capacity of an organization for integration of equipment, applications and sensitive information at a fully confident environment.

Designing a data center requires extensive planning and precision, and the goals of the design should be clearly defined to make it possible to achieving the objectives, and standards in all parts must be considered.

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 Accordingly, Sefintel Company provides the following services:

1) Identifying and study of existing infrastructure and services
2) Feasibility and needs assessment
3) Providing feasibility study of Data Center designing based on financial and HR capacities
4) Detailed data center design and implementation include:
  1.  Telecommunications and network cabling system
  2. Equipment Room
  3. Electrical plan of Datacenter
  4. Layered Data Center Architecture (TIA-942)
  5. Cooling systems, heating and air conditioning
  6. Lighting systems
  7. CCTV security system
  8. Control system for electricity and emergency power supply
  9. Access Control system
  10. Monitoring and Controlling for HVAC systems
  11. Fire Alarm/Fighting
  12. Emergency Management System
  13. Network and communication infrastructure
  14. Servers and storage
  15. Network Operations Center (NOC)
  16. Security Operations Center(SOC)
  5) Implementation and support and maintenance of all parts of the data center
6) Preparing the RFP, implementation of hardware, software and communications center for the Datacenter


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Additionally, Sefintel by taking advantage of its professionals and experts who have successful experience in the virtualization field; provides the following services:

  1. Consulting, designing and implementing DataCenter based on Virtualization solutions
  2. Consulting, design and implement Virtual Desktop
  3. Consulting, design and implementation Cloud Computing
  4. Providing solutions for High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduling
  5. Providing solutions for Site Recovery, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  6. Providing solutions for Server Consolidation
  7. Providing solutions for Security management on virtualized system


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