Sefintel Security Services for Web, Email and Data Protection

 In today's electronic world, threats and damage to infrastructure and IT organizations are increasing dramatically. Firewall and other products in the field of information security and IT, not entirely satisfy the internal and external threats. Appropriate solutions to ensure secure data, is establishing a comprehensive system of enterprise-wide security.

Sefintel can specify weaknesses and vulnerabilities of networks and applications by using a wide range of the latest tools, techniques and methods and known security standards. Standards specify and maintain the confidentiality, Integrity and availability of information in your organization.


Sefintel security services are as following:

  1. System Study & Gap Analysis
  2. Optimizing IP communications infrastructure
  3. Reviewing and Optimizing Routing, NAT, Cache, Proxy
  4. Policy management solutions and network security policy design
  5. Selecting the appropriate standards, design procedures and security guidelines
  6. Provide and regulate Firewall, IDS/IPS; planning VPN and encryption
  7. Risk assessment and vulnerability analysis and selecting the appropriate controllers
  8. Reviewing and Optimizing servers, clients, Web and corporate network environments
  9. Experiment stability with trying to break the system
  10. Training and awareness based on security solutions
  11. Design, implementation, maintenance and support of Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Sefintel Communication & Security

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