Solutions for video surveillance

(From the CCTV Cameras to the complete IP/Network Camera security system)

By merging CCTV/IP Cameras with IT network and security technologies, you can own a very useful solution; which brings terminologies like video over IP, network transmission, physical security and ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standards, to help you to improve your company or organization’s video surveillance and camera security system.


  Regarding modern video security systems, Sefintel can offer below services:
  1. Providing and supplying IP and Analog camera products and recording systems, from standard to professional types
  2. Site survey, Design and implementation of Security Camera and video surveillance solutions
  3. Integration of recording systems into complex IP networks (video over IP)
  4. Remote configuration of CCTV and IP Cameras
  5. Remote access to video management software or remote camera control for managers and security supervisors
  6. Central alarm switching from decentralized recordings
  7. Merging of physical security solutions and IT security components
  8. Convergence between building security, video surveillance and information technology
  9. Integration of different cameras and equipment over a common standard interface (ONVIF)

 With components from the Video IP network solutions field, Sefintel not only offers CCTV products, but also complete solutions for video surveillance (physical security) as well as ONVIF compliant components, for the integration of video technology in IT security.


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